Discover how paprika can help you

Weeks ago, we talked about one of the most characteristic ingredients in our cuisine, garlic. At the same time, paprika can be noted as one of the essential spice in our gastronomy.

Paprika podwer is red and with special taste. It is used for seasoning a lot of dishes; it is a product obtained by grinding dry pepper. So today we are going to learn about its properties and utilities.

Paprika has lots of properties for the digestive tract, encourages digestion and provides us with an important amount of vitamins like: vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B6 and B5…also, it has magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphate and fibre. It also contains a powerful antioxidant and anticarcinogenic called beta-carotene and bioflavonoids.

As it has a high potassium content, it regulates blood pressure, so it is beneficial for people who has high blood pressure.

In addition to it, paprika hasn’t got cholesterol, so it helps you to control cholesterol levels, wich it is healthy for our heart.

Gout patients can also use paprika in their diets because it reduces uric acid levels.

These are some of the most important benefits of our “beloved paprika”. We expect you will enjoy our advices. Click on the link to see a tasty recipe of cabbage with paprika

Happy weekend!


Organic plantation for paprika in Murcia.

Sabater Spices already has its first organic plantation of paprika pods, from which a great harvest of paprika pods has been collected. It’s a large plantation that enjoys certified Organic Farming Council of the Region of Murcia as land “suitable” for organic planting, growing, pest control, fertilizers, drying and subsequent production of paprika, processes which strictly respect all the conditions for the obtention of an excellent organic pepper.

Optimization of natural resources

Organic farming is a system to cultivate a farming exploitation based on an optimal use of natural resources, without using chemicals or genetically modified organisms for the fertilizer nor to fight against the plagues, so organic food is obtained while preserving the fertility of the land and respecting the environment.

The main objetive of Organic farming is the production of healthy food without chemical substances and also achieved through sustainable methods.

Sabater Spices ‘forgets’ about paprika for one day

Sabater Spices’ employees decided that it would be a great idea to spend a day together out of the office and forgetting our daily routine… certainly, taking advantage of the good weather of the Region, last Saturday 24th of November we drove to Portmán’s bay, in La Unión, to spend a great sunny day close to nature. We walked by Ceniza’s mountain, where we could enjoy dense vegetation. Once at the top we viewed the huge cannons and the wonderful bay’s landscape.

When we finished our route, we enjoyed  a delicious ‘caldero’, such a typical meal in our region, and, that way, we completed that sunny day with the best possible company.

New tin, but the usual paprika

Sabater Spices goes on with its process of innovation, represented this time by a new tin to can paprika, certainly our most representative spice, dedicated as a present to our clients and suppliers.

It is a small recipient, perfect  to keep at home a small sample of this ‘delicatessen’ that, undoubtely, will impress  the person who has the privilege of trying it in any of those dishes which mix with it so tastefully.

In total, 75 grams that, as our slogan says,  will let you enjoy  ‘the taste of life’, this life represented by our spices, carefully made so that anyone who wants can enjoy this little pleasure coming from the ground.

New tin, but the usual paprika: a set that finally will not disappoint the most discerning palates.