Ginger, a great ally

In this hot summer Monday, let’s learn how ginger can help our health; benefits and properties.
Ginger is one of the most popular plants in Chinese medicine, it is usually given the quality of treating diseases related to excess of yin, this is, diseases caused by cold. Besides this, it has more healthy benefits, it is a natural anti-inflammatory which helps fight respiratory diseases, arthritis and digestive problems.
We will explain briefly how it can assist the different systems of the human body. It is healthy for the digestive one because it treats intestinal disorders, aids digestion and prevents from intestinal problems caused by alterations of the intestinal flora. It is anti emetic, combats nauseas in trips, helps in chemotherapy treatments and pregnancy and post-operative vomiting. It also prevents from ulcers and diarrhea.
Circulatory system: it promotes blood circulation, helps your body dissolve clots and decreases cholesterol levels in blood.
Respiratory system: it acts against the symptoms of influenza, colds and sinusitis.
Studies have confirmed its importance as an aphrodisiac, and also that it has a beneficial effect on fertility, increasing sperm volume and improving sperm mobility.Jengibre I
There are lots of ways to take ginger, here you are a recipe of tea.
In a litre of water, with a spoon of ginger, boil during 5 minutes a spoon of cinnamon podwer. Take the casserole pot out and let it rest for 15 minutes. Add 5 spoons of honey and it is ready. Drink a glass after breakfast and another one after dinner. Drink for a month and stop 15 days. Here we leave you a delicious recipe of creamy chicken curry. We expect you enjoy it! Happy week!

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