Ramon Sabater SAU has as an unwavering commitment defending and promoting at any time fulfilment of current legislation by all people included in this organisation. The company is commited to act at any time in accordance with the legislation in force and ethical practices internationally accepted, with full respect towards Human Rights and civil liberties. The company has a Compliance Model and Prevention of Criminal Risks, that constitutes a key element in order to achieve a good risk management that may be commited an unlawful conduct in our organisation.

A part of this Model consists of our Compliants Channel, that is available to all people that follow our Code of Ethics and Conduct, any manager, executive or employee of Ramon Sabater SAU, as well as any staff of contractors companies and against third parties interested that mantain with the company a contractual obligation, whether labour, civil or commercial.

Please be informed that external companies, contractors or interested third parties are able to make a complaint of any irregular conduct, non-performance or infringement of legislation at the following e-mail address: compliance@sabaterspices.com